Freediving is a combination of yoga, deep breathing techniques, relaxation, movement, meditation and the natural world.

It takes place in the wildest environment on earth, and yet you are totally relaxed and at one with nature. You move and breath and feel like a wild mammal, totally at one with the natural world.

You are disconnected from land and everything on it. As you dive and swim on a single breath, communication with anyone except yourself is impossible. It’s just you and the deep blue.

Your mind is focused on one thing – breathing. Nothing else matters.

After 20 minutes your mammalian dive reflex kicks in as your mind and body adapt for peak performance in the aquatic environment. Your spleen releases 20% more red blood cells to make your body more efficient at storing and using oxygen. Blood flow to your extremities is restricted and is instead sent to the vital organs to boost their performance. Your heart beat slows down. You become a wild mammal, moving through an extreme environment with grace and ease.

This is Freediving. Exploring the ocean on a single breath like a seal or a whale or a dolphin. Freediving is yoga. Freediving is meditation. Freediving is relaxed, fluid movement of your body. Freediving is being at one with a natural, wild world in a way that most people will never experience. Freediving is self discovery. Freediving is living life well.