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Holding Your Breath Makes You Fitter!

One of the great benefits of freediving is the effect it has on your lungs. Stronger lungs have a tangible, beneficial effect on pretty much every other function of your body. And your mind too.

Simply put, when your lungs are working efficiently you can absorb more oxygen with every breath. More oxygen makes you stronger, faster and better in every way.

Breathing is such an important part of living, but hardly anyone pays it any attention. Even serious athletes who obsess over workout routines and correct diet don’t think about how to breathe.

Freediving training is so good for you because the […]

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The Magic of Freediving

Freediving is a combination of yoga, deep breathing techniques, relaxation, movement, meditation and the natural world.

It takes place in the wildest environment on earth, and yet you are totally relaxed and at one with nature. You move and breath and feel like a wild mammal, totally at one with the natural world.

You are disconnected from land and everything on it. As you dive and swim on a single breath, communication with anyone except yourself is impossible. It’s just you and the deep blue.

Your mind is focused on one thing – breathing. Nothing else matters.

After 20 minutes your mammalian dive reflex […]

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