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Spearfishing Trips in Miami Beach For Beginners & Experts

Enjoy Miami’s tropical waters on our fantastic 30 foot boat! Whether you want to snorkel around shallow reefs or hunt big fish in the deep bluewater or just come out to have fun, we’ve got you covered!

Reef Spearfishing Trip

Miami Beach and further south has loads of great shallow water patch reefs and wrecks that are ideal for spearfishing. Situated in 10-30 feet of water, beginners and expert spearos can enjoy a productive day hunting snappers, groupers and lobsters in the comfort and safety of warm, relatively shallow water. Come spearfishing with Adam and Alex as your dive buddies and arrive home with fresh fish caught by your own hand. 5 hour charter of whole boat for you and your guests only.

Cost: $500 Half Day / $600 Full Day

Bluewater Spearfishing Trip

Experience the excitement and adventure of spearfishing in the deep, wild blue. We use flashers, trolling rigs, baitfish and chum to attract the big fish to our group of divers. Your senses will be on high alert as your eyes keenly survey the bottomless, blue abyss for every sign of movement. Wahoos and mahi mahi are what we’re after, but hopefully we’ll see tuna and other big gamefish too. 5 hour charter of whole boat for you and your guests only.

Cost: $500 Half Day / $600 Full Day

Lobster Catching Trip

Lobster season is here! And we know where they live! We’ve got some good dive spots that hold lobsters, and when you find one lobster you usually find a whole bunch of them. If we get lucky and hit a good spot we can catch our limit and grill them up right on the boat. These dive spots aren’t usually the prettiest (underneath docks, along seawalls etc) but they are usually shallow and can be productive. 5 hour charter of whole boat for you and your guests only.

Cost: $500 Half Day / $600 Full Day

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About Us

We love spending time in Miami’s tropical waters and having fun on our fantastic 30 foot boat. Join Adam and Alex for an adventure-filled trip and enjoy the crystal clear, warm waters of the real Miami Beach.

About Adam

Originally from Manchester in England, Adam settled in Miami Beach in 2003 after spending 5 years travelling the world. Some of his past jobs include being a futures trader in the open outcry pits of London, a big game hunter in Africa, a professional gambler and the owner of one of the UK’s most popular sports betting applications. He started spearfishing 10 years ago and has received extensive freediving training from several world champion freedivers. His personal best breathhold is currently 4 minutes and 50 seconds and his deepest breathhold dive is 76 feet. Apart from spearfishing and freediving, Adam enjoys outdoor calisthenics, doing handstands and spending time with his 2 young daughters.

About Alex

Hi guys Alex here! A little about myself… I was born and raised in Ukraine in a fisherman family on the shores of a small sea called Azov Sea. Fishing has always been in my family’s blood, but now I do a very different kind of fishing here in beautiful South Florida. I am a 13 year Miami Beach resident and know just about everything about my little town. So let me show you my hang out spots… underwater that is! Although I don’t have any world champion freediving training like Adam over there, I am plenty good and happen to catch more fish than Adam haha (not true – Adam). Like Adam I also enjoy calisthenics and handstands. And also just happen to be better at it (also not true – Adam). Don’t let my picture scare you I am a super nice guy and would love to take you fishing with us.

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